Self Heal


Self-Heal strengthens your resolve and puts you in charge of your recovery process with a newfound faith for healing. It is a very beneficial remedy for those who face physical, mental or spiritual healing challenges, or anyone trying to take care of themselves better. In addition to intuitively tuning you in to what you personally … Read more

Solomon's Seal

Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal helps you relinquish control and attachment to outcomes so you can go with the flow. When we get disappointed, we have to go through a mini-grief phase. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are what we need to cycle through every time things don’t go our way, even if one a low-level manner. … Read more



Lettuce flower energy is very calming and helps you communicate clearly and focus. Lettuce also helps unwind kids who are overtired or hyperactive or too wound up to play constructively. Lettuce soothes the nervous system when over-stimulated by drugs, caffeine, external stresses; information passed along nerve pathways becomes less jarring. Lettuce can help to ease … Read more

Moonbeam Coreopsis

Moonbeam Coreopsis is excellent to use during recuperation, whether it’s post operative, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. It facilitates heart rebuilding and depth of the healing process that goes beyond the obvious. Many times we have physical symptoms that are related to much-deeper heart issues. This is an essence that energetically wraps around you and … Read more



Coreopsis is a flower that reduces cravings and combats addiction and depression. It also ups your sense of confidence, strengthens you and helps you deal with stress. Coreopsis is very deep acting with regard to clearing old set-in energy patterns, thoughts and emotions, helping to restore balance and harmony.