True North - Flower Essence Support for Being On Purpose

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This Flower Essence Blend was created to support those who are on a quest to "find their purpose." I invite you to meditate on the difference between Being and Doing as you work with this blend. What if your purpose is just to Be love -- then you could "BE on purpose" no matter what you are actually doing. And I would bet that the more time you are able to spend Being on Purpose, the more you will choose to do things that feel aligned with your own home frequency and truest vibration.

Aurinia helps you to feel that you will have everything you need in order to succeed in the places that you are called. Buttercup inspires you not to judge yourself based on conventional ideas of achievement, or by comparing yourself to others, but to realize your worth based on who you, not your outward recognition. Buttercup helps you shine forth in your own unique way. Holiday Cactus enhances our awareness of the ripple effects of our actions and helps us to get clear on what is most important to us. Fireweed helps you recover your passion and purpose and spring into action around what you feel called to create. Mullein connects you to your own intuition and helps you to discern what is for you and what is not. Solomon's Seal helps you relinquish attachment to outcomes and work effectively with things outside your control. Andromeda aligns us with the true supportive nature of the Earth.

1 fluid oz. (30 ml)

Flower Essences of Aurinia, Buttercup, Holiday Cactus, Fireweed, Mullein, Solomon's Seal and Andromeda are imprinted in Oregon Spring Water and preserved with Brandy

Suggested Use: 4 drops in any drink, 4 times daily

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