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A "State of Grace" cannot be earned by hard work or good deeds - it involves a deep knowing that we are unconditionally loved by source, and an allowing of that love to flow freely. Being in the "Grace of God" is the ultimate flow-state. And while I don't think it's possible to earn it, I do find that oftentimes a clearing must be done. It's like trying to float down a river that is full of debris -- if the debris is removed, the grace of the water will just carry you. The energies of these seven plants join together in this blend to help you clear out the debris and flow in the grace:

Russian Sage moves us into a spiritual maturity by helping transition us out of a state of confusion, desolation, and barrenness. It opens up the respiratory system and sets our hearts aflame with love, our affections, gratitude, and joy moving and diffusing upwards, and set on things above, not to be diverted or distracted by the winds of adversity. To be in tune with the Russian Sage frequency is to live from a place of overflow, abundance and lightness. Issues of unworthiness quietly move out, as easy as exhaling.

Star Thistle Flower Essence provides an energetic shift when there are fears around scarcity and lack. If you've experienced stress or trauma related to finances, and continue to worry that there will not be enough to go around, this essence helps to shift your focus towards abundance.

Sunflower helps to remove blocks in our ability to receive assistance. It is healing for insecurity issues where a person feels that they are continually trying to convince others of their value. Sunflower essence is indicated for core wounds that stem from a person's relationship with their primary provider in childhood. This flower has a signature that denotes abundance -- a single flower head can contain as many as 2,000 seeds.

Missouri Primrose is in this blend for those who have trouble receiving the good in life because of negative emotions (guilt, self-sabotage or sense of unworthiness, etc.) This essence helps you be open to receive the good and helps to heal your sense of self-worth and let go of any ideas that you are not deserving.

Andromeda helps us to feel supported by the earth. Andromeda exudes the energy of abundance and generosity. It’s message is that the energetics of abundance are still available to us. It is through connection and community that our needs are met - mutual care for one another. Andromeda flower essence is a good one to use for the times when you feel that there are too many demands, and you are having to give too much -- or for when you’re feeling unsupported by others or by Source.

Harebell helps you to realize Divine love and timing, and allow things to fall into place by resting in faith rather than trying to force things to happen. Harebell also helps those who have a hard time opening their heart to others. By receiving true and pure love from Source, you are able to let it flow freely through you to others.

Aurinia instills a deep security and trust that you are taken care of and that you have already been given everything necessary to succeed in the place that you are called. If you’ve ever doubted that you are worthy of love and protection, Aurinia bolsters your assurance. Dreams, visions and other avenues of spiritual awareness help to build a resolve of boldness and fearlessness. It helps us feel not just more equipped but also eager to tackle things put off for fear of different reasons/lies. Over-responsibility based on insecurities level out to a confident, balanced way of working.

1 fl. oz bottle (30 ml)

Vibrational Essences of the Flowers are imprinted in Oregon Spring Water and preserved with Brandy

Suggested use: 4 drops in any drink, 4 times daily

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