Highly Sensitive - Flower Essence Tuning for Empaths

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Your sensitivity is a gift, but chances are you haven't always felt that way. It's not an easy gift to have, and this blend of Flower Essences was created to help you feel supported as you learn to hold your sensitivity and in high regard.

Yarrow helps sensitive people be less affected by other people's moods and less-than harmonious environments. It sets boundaries for those who are empathetic, and those in healing/care giving arenas where they pick up other people's issues and are deeply affected by them. I believe that sometimes what's diagnosed as mental or social disorders is actually sensitivity to environmental and energetic conditions. In these cases, Yarrow can be beneficial. It may also strengthen those who have other conditions relating to their environment (multiple chemical sensitivity and allergies).

Dill flower essence deals with sensory overload, and is useful for those with sensory processing issues and misophonia. It is also helpful for our spiritual discernment. Our present culture tends to distract and over stimulate to the point where we have a type of spiritual ADD. Dill helps us to remain functional in a modern world where sights, sounds and smells come from everywhere all the time. The usual way of dealing is to become hardened so that we don’t become overwhelmed, but what’s needed is to refine and clarify so our senses become a vehicle for revelation. Dill helps put it all together, to discern the whole picture rather than a bunch of sensory impressions. Sometimes when your dream life is too fragmented to form anything coherent, sensory overload is indicated. Dill flower essence can free up your dreams from overload so that they can be better used as a means of revelation.

Black Locust is in here as a shield -- providing a protection against energy that is projected deliberately. When we feel vulnerable to attack from others, can feel their anger and negativity being directed at us with intention, black locust is strengthening.

Fleabane is for those who suffer from depression and negative thought patterns. It uplifts and brings clarity, lightness, openness, cheerfulness, and a positive desire towards change. It is a bit similar to Yarrow in that it helps “seal” us up where we’ve been too porous and vulnerable but its action is more on the protection against the undertow of sadness, pessimism and hopelessness.

Pink Hyacinth helps to rebuild our energy when we feel depleted due to our surroundings. It is helpful for the person who was taught that they were "too sensitive" in a negative context, and who is working to de-program that perspective and realize that their sensitivity is a gift. It helps us feel safer when connecting or re-connecting and promotes enthusiasm, celebration and joy.

Bleeding Heart flower essence is your ally if you find yourself saying "yes" when you'd rather say "no" because you feel sorry for someone, or if you're working to heal a pattern of co-dependency.

Borage flower essence offers encouragement for any situation that is difficult to face. Borage bolsters the courageous energy of the sensitive heart, helping you to feel things fully.

1 fluid oz. (30 ml)

Vibrational Essences imprinted in Oregon Spring Water and preserved with Brandy

suggested use: 4 drops added to any drink, 4 times daily

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