Closer to You - Flower Essence Tuning for Authenticity

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This blend of flower essences is here to support you in your journey back to your self. As children, we learn to sacrifice our authenticity for connection and attachment. We learn to shrink back and modify in order to be accepted by our peers or caretakers. The Closer To You Flower Essence blend contains the following flowers:

Lesser Celandine radiates the energy of authenticity -- a true knowing of worthiness that is not dependent on the approval of others. This flower essence is excellent for the recovering "people pleaser."

Boxwood is helpful for those who've had certain behaviors trained into them -- a strict upbringing where they received constant messaging on what kind of behaviors, thoughts and opinions were acceptable. Boxwood helps you shift into less shame-filled states of consciousness.
Goldenrod instills self trust and confidence in those who don't have a strong sense of Self. If you find yourself modifying your behavior to "fit in," this flower essence is for you.
Harebell Flower Energy helps you stay in the knowing is that you good enough, just as you are, and worthy of unconditional love. This essence supports you to stop seeking love in the wrong places, and compromising who you really are to get it.
Shooting Stars help those who feel very different from everyone around them, as in profound alienation or other-worldly. Shooting stars helps you realize why you are here and encourages you to stand fully as yourSelf in the face of opposition, as well as feel more connected to the earthly realm and those you share it with.
Horseradish dislodges fear, low self-esteem and blame-shifting. It helps to shift you out of feeling like a victim of circumstance and into your own power.
Aurinia flower essence instills a deep sense of security and trust that you are taken care and that you have already been given all that you need to succeed in the place where you feel called.
1 fluid oz. (30 ml); typically lasts for one to two months of regular use.
Suggested Use: 4 drops in any drink, 4 times per day

Made with Oregon Spring Water, vibrational imprints of Lesser Celandine, Boxwood, Goldenrod, Harebell, Shooting Stars, Horseradish and Aurinia Flowers in Spring Water, preserved with Brandy.

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