What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences offer us vibrational healing. They are a subtle but powerful tool for energy work. Every living thing has vibrational, life force energy coursing through it (maybe you know it as Prana, Qi or Spirit). Flowers contain the reproductive organs of a plant, so they are literally exuding the plant’s life force in the most major way. They can help us return to our own home frequency. You know those moments when you’re really feeling yourself — the ones when you feel most alive? That’s your home frequency.

Like taking Herbs or using Essential Oils, then?

Nope — there is no biochemical reaction with your physical body. I love herbs and oils, fresh juices and eating my veggies, but this is a different way to work with plants! This is more like a good Reiki session, except the plants are doing the energy work on you. You don’t have to worry about allergies or reactions with any medication you might be taking. The only exception would be if you’re allergic to alcohol, as I use it as preservative when the essences are prepared.

But, how do they work?

Water is the conduit. Water has memory and can record vibrational frequency. The frequencies of the flowers are imprinted into spring water. The spring water records the frequency and then it is preserved and bottled. Your body is largely comprised of water. You simply put a few drops of the bottled flower essences into your beverage throughout the day in order to continually offer the vibration of the plant(s) to your own vibration.

That sounds sweet! So, how do I get some?

I specialize in making Custom Blends of Flower Essences — combining anywhere from 2 to 7 different types of flowers into one bottle just for you. I work with over 90 different types of plants and their energetic offerings are pretty specific. I love creating custom blends to help you with the specific things that you’re experiencing in your life right now.

Which plants do you work with?

Here is a comprehensive list of the essences that I’m working with currently. You can purchase any of these individually, or request specific flowers that you feel drawn to during your custom blend consultation.