Custom Flower Essence Blend

Description: After a brief consultation via email or phone (depending on your order options), I will send you a proposal of up to 7 individual flower essence recommendations for your blend. This proposal will be emailed to you, with detailed descriptions of the plants’ energetic offerings.

You will need to confirm (or ask for a revision) before I create the blend and mail it. Your blend will come in a 1 oz. bottle, which should last you at least a month.

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Custom Blend
with Email Consultation


Custom Blend
with Phone/Video Consultation


Custom Blend


Individual Essences

You can also order individual essences in 1 oz. bottles, if you prefer. Just include the name of the flower essence(s) that you are ordering and send $18 for each individual bottle.

Essence Name

For email consultations: You will receive an email requesting additional information on how you are feeling. I’ll respond via email with specific flower recommendations. My response time is typically within 48 hours, but please allow up to 1 week.

For phone/video consultations: We will email to schedule a time to discuss how you’re feeling (up to 20 minutes), and I will follow up with an email detailing my recommendations for your custom blend. The follow-up email typically goes out within 48 hours of our call, but may occasionally take a little longer.

Ordering for another person: If you’re ordering a custom blend for another adult, it’s best if they consult directly with me. You can purchase a gift certificate here.

Why is the phone consultation priced higher? Because of the time & scheduling involved.

Is the custom blend included with the consultation? Yes. The price includes the consultation and the blend.

Can I get a consultation without a custom blend? No. If you’re mostly interested in the consultation option, you’ll probably be better served by a talk therapist.

What happens during a phone or video consultation? Nothing complicated. This option is for those who prefer talking to writing. You talk about how you’re feeling and/or what’s going on with you, and I listen. I may ask a few clarifying questions, but this is not an energy work session. I just need to know how you’re feeling so that I can recommend the flowers essences with the best resonance for you.

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