About Rebecca

Rebecca Rumpf

Rebecca is a highly sensitive and intuitive person who has felt deeply connected to the natural world since childhood. She has spent over a decade practicing Taoist methods of energy healing & meditation — a cornerstone of her daily practice is a deep reverence for life and the divine energy that is always available to us. She loves collaborating with the energetic vibrations of plants to create the potential for healing and restoration.

As a flower essence practitioner, Rebecca will hold space for you to share your own observations of yourself and your life experiences and then offer you information on the plants that might just be your best allies for what you are currently growing-through. The plants offer very specific healing energies, and she loves to create custom blends to support individual needs.

Rebecca collects spring water near her home in Oregon as a base for the flower essences. Water has the ability to record the vibrational frequencies of whatever it is exposed to. The water she uses comes directly from the earth, and it carries the high vibration of the flowers to you. The water in her essences has been blessed in ceremony with sacred gratitude and prayers for your healing and wholeness.

Rebecca has completed practitioner training with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers, and is currently continuing her education through an Apprenticeship with Marysia Miernowska — studying folk herbalism and spiritual ecology. She has retired from teaching yoga, but continues a regular practice. She loves gardening and exploring the great outdoors with her family and her two rescue dogs — Merlin & Moonbeam.